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What differentiates Bardon Insurance Group from other excess loss markets?

We are a Managing General Underwriter that responds to the needs of our business partners.  Whether you are quoting excess loss for a small employer with no experience or a complex plan design for a large group, Bardon provides competitive pricing, quality service and the contract options you need.  Our products include:

Disclosure up to 60 days prior to effective date 

Small Group Self Funding (25 to 100 employee lives, with or without experience)

Unique Benefit Plan Design Pricing (Monthly vs. Calendar Year Deductibles)

Pricing Consideration for Quality Utilization Review & Case Management

Comprehensive List of Evaluated PPO Networks

Excess Loss Contract Features and Options

Telephonic Medical Review

Eligible and Ineligible Industries

For More Information About Bardon Insurance Group



Disclosure up to 60 Days Prior to the Effective Date

Lock in premium rates and satisfy the disclosure requirement up to 60 days prior to the effective date on both new sales and renewals.  Bardon’s sold case guidelines offer a distinct advantage to the employer that wants to place the excess loss coverage in advance of the effective date.  For more information regarding this unique program please refer to Bardon Insurance Group - Sold Case Guidelines.

Small Group Self Funding

Employer groups with 25 to 100 employee lives often have limited opportunity to consider self funding because they have little or no claims experience.  Bardon offers competitively priced specific and aggregate excess loss coverage for such groups.  Quotes are issued contingent upon receiving completed Individual Health Statements for all participants once a buying decision is made by the employer.  Health Statements may be completed no more than 30 days prior to the effective date.  For more information please refer to Excess loss for 25 - 100 employee life groups.* The Bardon Health Statement Kit provides simple instructions and the appropriate forms necessary to complete this process. 

Unique Benefit Plan Design Pricing  (Monthly vs. Calendar Year Deductibles)

In today’s market employers are looking for creative and effective ways to combat increasing health care costs.  The monthly deductible benefit plan design for employees offers employers the ability to reduce their overall costs and in many cases increase benefits for a majority of plan members.  For more information refer to Monthly vs. Calendar Year Deductible – More for Most for Less.

Pricing Consideration for Quality Utilization Review & Large Case Management

Utilization Review & Large Case Management (UR/LCM) has a significant impact on both quality and cost of medical care.  Bardon offers pricing consideration based on the individual performance of each UR/LCM firm used by our TPA partners.  For a current list of evaluated UR/LCM firms contact your Bardon Representative.  Firms that wish to submit an evaluation may complete the UR LCM Vendor Evaluation Package.

Comprehensive List of Evaluated PPO Networks

Bardon has hundreds of national and regional PPO and EPO Networks evaluated in order to provide the most competitive excess loss pricing possible.  Please contact us to determine if your preferred networks have been evaluated. If not, your network representative can complete Bardon’s PPO Network Questionnaire

Excess Loss Contract Features and Options

Bardon provides excess loss contract options that offer enhanced protection for employer benefit plans.  Every excess loss contract is issued with an Advanced Specific Reimbursement option that may be elected by the plan.  In addition, the plan may choose to purchase Aggregate Accommodation to balance cash flow and/or our Aggregate Terminal Liability option which may be invoked to provide run-out protection should the group decide to return to a fully insured plan in the future.

Telephonic Medical Review

In an effort to simplify the underwriting of large ongoing claimants, we offer Telephonic Medical Review.  The plan can simply provide a Bardon Medical Information Release signed by the plan member.  Our Underwriting Division will use this release in an attempt obtain the information from the medical providers necessary to complete the Underwriting process.

Eligible Industries

Our target markets primarily include financial, professional, retail and manufacturing (see Ineligible Industry List). However, we also provide coverage fore the following industries which tend to have limited excess loss markets:

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- Non-Federal Governmental Entities (restrictions may apply)

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- School Corporations or Districts (restrictions may apply)

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- Hospitals ($50,000 minimum specific domestic limitation)

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- Nursing Homes

For More Information About Bardon Insurance Group Contact

Adam Thaler,  President & COO
(888) 550-4961 x 1412 or

Requests for proposals should be submitted to:

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Fax: (480) 682-1450
Mail: Bardon Insurance Group
8326 E. Hartford Drive, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

*Groups with 25 to 100 lives which have no experience require individual health statements.


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